Please be referred to the activity and other reports of 2013 and the recurrent budget of 2014/15 all of which are related to this propose activities of 2014/15. In addition to Fhag’s own activities, it also gained the trust and confidence of other overseas Donors to carryout supervisory roles on the implementation of projects in the Gambia; some of which below are outlined. The activities of FHAG is not only limited to the under mentioned but others do come depending on the new projects.

General Sponsorship:
Payment of school fees and book bills as of 2013/14 will continue unaffected in 2014/15. And for those graduating in grade 12 would be replaced.

Orphan’s project: Orphan’s sponsorship would be increased by 16 more students {36 students in total} in 2014/15.

Bakadaji & Nafugan Lower Basic Schools: As mentioned in the report, Fhag will continue its assistance with these two schools in 2014/15 academic year. Although there would be reduction in cost as stated in activity report of 2013, but FHAG will still provide support to the schools and as well to the social worker who is working with the two schools. Fencing of Nafugan Garden and School is also expected to be carried out in 2014.

St. Vitus Clinic in Bakadji Village in URR: As agreed in the MOU with the ministry of Health & Social Welfare, FHAG in 2014, will fund the drilling of a borehole, rehabilitate the health Centre renovate of the existing Solar System and also supplement the health ministry with drug supply and also pay staff salary for six months from the date the MOU is signed.

Somita Health Centre: Support to this aforementioned health Centre has been temporary stopped due to lack of qualified Nurse. However, in the event that there is or are qualified Nurses at the Clinic, FHAG may consider supporting them again.


Kandunku {Bussum} Women’s Garden: Negotiations are in advance stage to drill a Borehole as well as installation of an extended solar water system for the community of Kandunku. This project is expected to take off and is expected to be completed in 2014.

Nafugan Women’s Garden: The digging of wells in Nafugan Women’s Garden is at an advance stage and is expected to be completed in 2014.

Burong Lower Basic School: FHAG in partnership with a Dutch donor in Holland has accepted to supervise the construction of a 3 Classroom Blocks in Burong. This project is expected to be implemented in 2014.

St. Francis Senior Secondary School: In a similar arrangement to the above, FHAG is expected to supervise the installation of a Solar Water Project in St. Francis Senior Secondary School.

Yuna Lower Basic School: The construction of 2 toilet blocks is at an advance stage and is expected to be completed in 2014. Fhag plays a supervisory role in this project.

Chain Link Wire Weavers Association: FHAG is lobbying with a donor who offers to provide this association with wires for the production of chain link wires for the women’s gardens and this project is expected to be carried out in 2014.

Mama Fatty/Lamin Children: These are among many families in the Gambia that are being supported by Dutch philanthropists and FHAG played the role of an intermediary and facilitators those initiatives and thus report back to donors.