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FHAG Historical activities

In addition to Fhag’s own activities, it also gained the trust and confidence of other overseas Donors to carryout supervisory roles on the implementation of projects in the Gambia; some of which below are outlined. The activities of FHAG is not only limited to the under mentioned but others do come depending on the new projects. EDUCATION PROJECTS General Sponsorship: Payment of school fees and book bills started in 2013/14 and continued up till 2020. Orphan’s project: Orphan’s sponsorship started


The Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia has been established in 1999 and gained its status as fully registered NGO 7 in 2009. Since then, pioneers of the Foundation both within and outside the Gambia has worked tirelessly to meet its objectives in its drive to contribute their quarter in socio-economic development of the Gambia and by extension create favorable working relationship with relevant and affiliated stakeholders in a most respectable manner beneficial to all and sundry. And as any well-meaning institutions,