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Report on the regional consultative forum on the social protection policy for the Gambia


1. FHAG was invited to take part at this forum following its impressive and significant contribution towards the social economic and humanitarian advancement of the Gambia populate in general and west coast region in particular. revealed at her maiden west coast region technical Advisory committee meeting held at the office of the Governor WCR in January 2014. FHAG’s Areas of intervention particularly the family project (orphan) was viewed. 2. by the department of social welfare regional coordinator was inline with

FHAG Family Day Report


Saturday 11th January, 2014 Marks an important day for the Orphan Project (Project 7) under the activity of Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia {FHAG}. The program entitle ‘FHAG FAMILY DAY’ which is designed with an objective to bring all the sponsored orphans, together with their foster parents, members of the Board of FHAG and other invited guests under one roof to interact, share ideas with foster parents and students on issues of relevance towards the implementation of the project in an

Social environment


The current largest project of the Foundation being the “Orphan project” is part of the activity area “Family and Social environment”. By supporting social context future dependencies are being avoided. Communities are thus maintained creating an environment in which development on its own has a central role.