Article the Orphan

The foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia is a non-profitable organization aiming at the welfare of children especially Orphans. The foundation has been in existence over a period of 26years in the Gambia. The foundation consists of different projects such as Health, Agriculture, and Education. In the beginning the goal of the foundation was to help in nation building e. g building hospitals, giving support to school especially in the school feeding program, empowering women to embark on agriculture.


Later in 2010, Arthur Aalst the co-ordinate of the foundation decided to shift his goal to focus more on the Orphans, seeing how orphans suffers in our presence generation. FHAG, the foundation humanitarian Aid Gambia’s definition of who an orphan is, is a child who loses both parents.

The most vulnerable people in our society are the orphans, the orphans are the children who in most societies, are deprived of their rights e. g right to Education, right to live happily like other children. The Orphan Children are often given less privilege unlike other children living with their biological parents. Therefore Arthur Aalst being so compassionate about these children formed the Orphan project which is project (7) the Orphan project.


This project was formed in 2011. The goal of the project is to give the Orphan children all the privilege they need as children. The foundation believes that the Orphan children need to live happily like other children despite the circumstances surrounding them.

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The project started 2011 with (13) thirteen students, seven (7) boys and eight (8) girls.In 2012 we had a total number of 18 students and we continued enrolling students within the years. We now have a total number of thirty-five (35) orphan students sponsored by Fhag this year 2020-2021.However there are more applications for scholarship sent to us by many more orphans.


The foundation first enlisted the Badjie’s Family who lost their Mother and a few weeks later lost their house and properties due to a fire incident. The foundation provided for their needs and renovated their house. The children were given the privilege to Basic Education. Today success stories of this orphan family can be told.

Joanna Badjie the biggest among the family is a graduate from the University of The Gambia, holding a bachelor degree in Agriculture.


The foundation as well met and gave support to the Gomes family who lost their parents and were under the guidance of their uncle.

Today success stories of these families can be told. Lulu the elders Boy is at the University of the Gambia studying Accountancy while one of  the younger sister is at the hotel school and is doing well.


Many more orphans graduated are working, some are working for the Government, others are working for private institutions and they are now able to support themselves and their families. When we talk about supporting people especially orphans, it is not how to give them fish to feed themselves but how to teach them catch fish so as to sustain themselves in the future. We as a foundation are proud to give stories of many of our Orphans who are successful today.


The foundation gives support to Orphan children just like how their parents would have supported them if they were alive. Feeding allowance is given to the children, accommodations allowances are paid provided that the orphans are living alone without foster parents. Lunch money, breakfast, means of transportation is provided if the orphans are living many kilometers from school. Bicycles and Mattress are provided for the children. Educational needs e. g books, uniforms, textbooks, exercise, school bags and shoes are provided for them.


FHAG makes follow ups to know the living conditions of the orphans. This follow ups are done twice in the beginning of the every term. The staffs of FHAG make a home visit to know the living condition of the Orphans such as:

What are the challenges the children are passing through?

What do they lack?

Where are they sleeping?

How is their feeding condition?

Apart from home visits, the children are also visited at school level to know the following:


How their performance is in class? How far are their schools from home?

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After the schools and home visits analysis are done such as: what is necessary to be done to help the children.

The Orphan project is one of the biggest projects we have with a lot of children. We will always do our best to reach many orphan children in the whole region of the country.

This can only be done with the help of sponsors.