Laptops Distribution to Beneficiaries

The Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia over the past six years have a collaboration with the Noorderpoort College through the help of Albert Vlaardingerbroek has being donating laptops. This collaboration has being in existence over the past years. In 2014, an amount of one hundred and fifty (150) laptops were donated to FHAG. Fifty (50)of them went to MOBSE and the remaining hundred were distributed to schools sponsored by FHAG. This laptops were used for the past years.According to the beneficiaries the laptops are still strong and useful to them. Again this year April 2020, Noorderpoort College came with the same good gesture and distributed (100)hundred laptops of which Forty (40)of them were given to MOBSE, Ten (10) to EduKid, Six(6) to Lamin Health Center, One (1)to the principal of Yuna Basic Cycle School and Forty-four(44) to students at the tertiary institution and the freshmen from the senior secondary school. The ceremony was held at  FHAG office in Brusubi. Due to the covid 19, pictures were taken individually. The presentation was done by our staff, Marie Ancel Jammeh, Joanna Babjie and Lia. Photographs were taken and a short video was also made.Below are some of the appreciation letters writen by various student from the tertiary instition to show and express how happy they are towards the laptops and of what help the laptops will be to their carer

Pictures taken during the handing over, Looking at the smiling faces of these student s one can tell how happy they are.


handing1 handing2