Youna Basic Cycle.

The Staffs and Pupils of Youna Basic cycle is the proud beneficiary of the installation of the solar electricity as a gesture from the Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia .The Foundation has helped to provide them with light both in the classrooms and offices. The advert of solar light in the school has also helped to ease the burden on office duties especially in the area of electronic devices, like computer and charging cell phones.

During an interview with Argata  Same the Vice Principal of Youna basic cycle, She on behalf of the school thanked  the Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia as well as Andre and Hanneka for providing Solar light in the school.

According to the vice principal they have encountered a lot of constraint due to lack of electricity especially during the heat season, it was always uncomfortable for them to be in their offices and do their work, due to the heat. Communication was also a barrier, because teachers couldn’t charge their Cell phones whenever they are out of electric power but thanks to Andre, Hanneka and the Solar Foundation Gambia the problem is now history. Below is a picture of the system.

In 2019 the foundation Humanitarian aid Gambia again through the support of Andre and Hanneka provided a printing Machine for the school. This was another good gesture which the school really appreciated.

The foundation recently has recently helped in the construction of some classrooms and providing the school with furniture.

This was done as to supplement government effort on the move for education for all. The furniture will be helpful for student to sit comfortably.

In April 2020 the foundation through the help Noorderpoort College in Holland by the intervention of  Albert Vlaardingerbroek  donate a laptop to the Principal of Youna Basic cycle to make his official work easy for him below is a letter written by him expressing his appreciation for the good gesture rendered to him.
Dear Sir,

I write to indicate that I received the laptop as my personal property with great pleasure in April, 2020.

It has eased my work at the school level and at home as it has make things easy with comfort.

On this  note, extend my profound gratitude to the foundation and more especially to you and all those you make  it possible for me to receive it.


Thank you.

Yours Faithfullyyuna